OpenEEW discussion


Please let us know what you want from OpenEEW ?

Grillo sensor schematics?
Access to our live sensor data for your app?
Detection algorithms for you to develop?
Something we haven’t dreamed of yet ?!


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Access to the app’s usage data?



You mean the mobile app we developed ? What in particular are you interested in?



I am not sure what measures would be available, so I’ll just brainstorm a few things hopefully someone else may come up with better ideas.

It would be interesting to understand whether the app works as intended. My understanding is that the app simply alerts, but there are still some questions about its use that may be interesting:

  • number and locations of downloads over time - maybe it’s mostly downloaded in the aftermath of an event rather than before?
  • users who activated alerts - will it ring when phone is on silent? What’s the % of users who installed the app that keep their phones on silent?
  • type of devices

I am not sure if the app is intended to do anything when the alarm sets off. But maybe we could think of ways to infer users’ reaction using force touch or accelerometer data?



Hi Andy
We saw the latest Webinar and have viewed a lot of the external links (looking forward to the next) .
We wonder if the units or the data supplied provide P-wave and S-wave time stamps!. I.e. the time difference between recording the P-wave and resulting S-wave



Hi, thanks for your question. The OpenEEW data consists of the unprocessed accelerometer data sent by the devices (the devices do not do any processing). As such, the P- and S-wave arrival times at each device are not explicitly indicated and need to be estimated based on the unprocessed data.



Hi! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

You raise some interesting questions about usage of the app:

  • I don’t have specific statistics, but there is generally an increase in downloads following large earthquake events.
  • The notification depends on the phone’s settings. In general the app will not sound when the phone is on silent. I don’t know the percentage that keep their phone on silent.
  • App downloads are fairly evenly split between Android and Apple.

Upon notification, users have the option to post a “I’m ok” message in facebook, twitter or whatsapp.

I hope that helps.