Welcome to OpenEEW by Grillo


Hi, welcome to OpenEEW by Grillo.

Here we welcome all discussions relating to this Earthquake Early Warning system which we have been developing for several years. We have decided to open source the work and offer it to the public, which will help accelerate development, and potentially new OpenEEW deployments around the world.

Join us in our mission to save as many lives as possible with earthquake alerts !

We are keen that you learn from each other and share what you have created. We expect to have a variety of members including;

  • Seismologists
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Developers
  • Citizens living in seismic areas

The data and code can be found in our github here. This includes years of Grillo’s accelerometer data that has been collected in remote and highly seismic areas of Mexico and Chile. Using this data you can build your own detection algorithms and Machine Learning models.

We will soon be updating the github to include schematics for building your own Grillo seismic sensors, which feature low-cost components:


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